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Laura Harmon -Stacked Boxes a Work in Progress

Stacked boxes!

I have thought of trying to make them for years and have finally given it a try. They are not finished yet and they may not make it through to the end, warping and cracking are always possible, especially when making something new. I love how they are looking and even if this batch doesn’t make it to the end, I’ll keep trying. I thought a lot about how to build them, overthought it a bit really. Following is a very brief description of how I decided to construct them.


The first step is to roll the slabs. I use wood slats and a nice quality rolling pin.

I then stamp and cut the pieces. I mark where I will be cutting the top box from the bottom box.

I set the floor of the upper box on some wood blocks to hold it in place while I build the sides around it.

And finally, I added the lid to the top box and cut the top box from the bottom.

View more info on Laura Harmon here!

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