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Laurel Henn - Featured Artist May/June 2024

Our printmaker Laurel Henn has recently been playing with mini puzzle blocks. This process uses easy carve relief blocks that are carefully cut into interlocking shapes. Each shape is inked separately then put together to print.

Laurel usually prints in black ink, preferring to add color with watercolors after the printing process is done. Printing with color is a bit of novelty she has not indulged in for a long time. Not only is she printing in color for these min's but she played with blended rolls!

Each mini mushroom block is part of a limited edition. They fit very nicely in mini 3x4 frames that can hand on a wall or sit on a shelf.

In addition to the colored limited editions, Laurel was able to use the mushroom portion of the block and create new mini paper flags!


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