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Laura Harmon


I took a pottery class at my local community center, in Olympia, WA, in 2003 and have been working with clay ever since. I love creating, thinking of a form and figuring out how to build it.


Most of my work is slab build, meaning that I roll clay into a slab and cut pieces to build my forms. I enjoy the process of working with a form and varying the shape, the texture and the color. There are so many things to consider when I am building a piece. What kind of clay to use? How thick do I want to roll the slab? How do I want to piece the parts together? Do I want a texture on the surface? Do I want to carve it or stamp it? Do I stamp it before or after building it? How do I want to glaze it? I love it!


I feel so lucky to be able to make my creations and hope that they bring to you some of the joy I have had in making them.


Facebook: LauraHarmonPottery


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