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Katherine Ransom - A Vision and Expression for the Pacific Northwest

Katherine Ransom creates expressionist works of art, primarily using oil and mixed media on canvas. Her concentration on earth, air, water and fire are informed by her lifelong passion for nature. From an early age, Katherine became fascinated with color and light, thanks to living for three decades in the Colorado Rockies and Four Corners region, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

She also spent many years living in and exploring California's coast, which fueled her passion for floating in the undersea world. Katherine explains that her paintings are an attempt to capture the true spirit of her reverence for the land in all its atmospheric moments.

"I love the feeling of being in the middle of a place; yet the feeling of being such a small part-- it makes it all the more wondrous. We belong to the elements. Earth grounds and holds us. Water provides and heals us. Air revives and sustains us. Fire fuels us and humbles us."

Katherine has been with Splash Gallery since 2020, and has been very active in the Olympia arts community. In 2019, she was the feature artist at the Spring Arts Walk at State of the Arts gallery. Her collections have also been showcased at the Schack Art Center in Everett and locally at Chelsea Farms Oyster Bar and Thomas Architecture Studio. She was recently named by the City of Olympia as the 2022 Fall Arts Walk Cover Artist.

“I love the energy and excitement that comes from collaborating with other artists at Splash Gallery. Spending much of my days in my studio is truly a dream come true, but the support and engagement with other artists is icing on the cake” said Katherine.


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