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Katherine (Kat) Ransom

Mixed Media/Oil
Guest Artist

Full name: Katherine (Kat) Ransom
Business name: Gallery Luna
Medium: Paintings (mixed media, oil)

A little bit about Kat:

Pacific Northwestern painter, Katherine (Kat) Ransom creates expressionist works of art, primarily using pencil, oils, pastels and acrylic. Her concentration on earth, air, water and fire are informed by her lifelong passion for nature.


From an early age, Kat became fascinated with color and light, thanks to three decades in the Colorado Rockies and Four Corners region, where she earned her BFA. Kat also spent many years living in and exploring California’s coast, which fueled her passion for floating in the undersea world of the Caribbean and Bahamas. 


"I love the feeling of being in the middle of a place; yet the feeling of being such a small part, makes it all the more wondrous. We belong to the elements. Earth grounds and holds us. Water provides and heals us. Air revives and sustains us. Fire fuels us and humbles us.


Katherine works in large and small formats and accepts commissions.


You can contact Kat several ways:

Visit her website: ransomfinearts.com
Email: katransom365@gmail.com