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Sue Morganroth - Mosaic

"How long does it take?" is one of the most often asked question I receive about my mosaic art. There are many ways to answer that question. My whole life is one, all life experiences are part of any artist 's process. I admit I don't keep track of the hours I put into each piece. I work almost every day a few hours at a time, a few times a day. Smaller pieces take days, larger and more complex take weeks and weeks and.....

My process starts with an inspiration; travels, nature, life in general can spur an idea. These ideas will bounce around in my brain until they are ready to hatch. Some will be in there for years until its time is right. Once I begin I have it pretty well planned out, drawing done, substrate (base) chosen, glass, tile, all in house. Once I begin, hours pass without me knowing it. During the process my feelings run the gambit; love, hate, oops, cool, like it, it's ok. Usually ending when I'm pleased with the result and ready for the next project.

Five years ago I did a Frida Kahlo piece. She is my muse is so many ways. I have wanted to attempt another Frida for years. She bounced around in my brain until finally it all came together this year. Faces, especially skin and eyes are very challenging in glass. I'm very happy with her as she watches over my work. She will be going to her forever home very soon, but I've enjoyed our time together.


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