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Ruth Greening - Featured Artist Nov & Dec 2022

Ruth Greening Designs is the product of a lifelong process. On the way, I have touched many crafts, including Photography, Australian Cake Decorating, Airbrush Art, Classic Wire Wrap and Lapidary

The introduction of Precious Metal Clay (PMC) was a life changing experience. Working with and teaching metal clay for 16 years was an amazing experience.

A few years ago, I was introduced to traditional Silversmithing, and fell in love with a new medium once again. There is something magical about turning a sheet of metal or a coil of wire into a work of wearable art with the inclusion of exquisite natural stones in their myriad colors and shapes.

I continue to seek out the best teachers and continue to grow and learn at every opportunity I can.

All the skills that I have acquired over the years have fed into each other and offer support and inspiration to my skill. Each piece that I create is a reflection of those years of experience, combined with my heart and passion for creative expression. The hardest thing is letting a piece go, and the greatest thrill, is seeing it find a new home with someone who enjoys it as much as I do.


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