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Katie Harmon - How do you want to see the world?

When I began creating art professionally, I struggled with my style and vision. One of the questions I often asked myself was: "How do I want to see the world?" There is so much in this world that makes us want to look away. I desperately need to believe in a world with magic and beauty. So I decided I wanted to share the beauty. I wanted to be the magic in the world that captivates your imagination. That art that makes you think or smile.

I often begin an illustration with very little expectations as to what it will look like in the end. I've learned that an illustration has a life of its own, and often times will pull me in a direction I could never have anticipated. I think that is part of their magic. As I begin sketching - generally from a reference photo that seems interesting to draw - one thing reminds me of another, and that reminds me of something else entirely and the illustration evolves to a place outside the realms of reality, but just close enough to see a shadow of the original reference, a tie back to the world around us.

Whether the subject matter is lighthearted and fanciful, a beautiful illustration of an insect or slug (not generally the most beautiful of creatures), or a moment where I grapple with my own anxiety and mental health through an illustration, I want to instill hope, beauty and a connection with others. Through art I believe we are never really alone.

So ask yourself: How do you want to see the world?


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