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Fall 2022 Arts Walk Cover Artist Work Showcased at Splash Gallery

Splash Gallery is pleased to announce that one of its own co-op members, Katherine Ransom has been awarded the coveted Fall Arts Walk Cover Artist. Olympia Arts Walk, a semi-annual community event celebrating the arts, that has thus far inducted three Splash Gallery members as cover artists, including current senior director, Lauren Henn (Spring 2021).

Arts Walk weekend runs October 7-8, and the City of Olympia is anticipating thousands of visitors to gather throughout the downtown area for a festive arts experience that uses creativity to connect and engage. Splash Gallery will shine a light on Katherine's cover piece, "Where the Earth Meets the Sky. " The work is part of her series based on the theme of ‘What Lies Beneath’.

Ransom provided some insights behind her inspiration, "There is so much more than what we see on the surface, in all things-- situations, the environment, people. I think that seeing beyond the obvious, sensing a deeper meaning, recognizing emerging patterns, and intuiting the bigger picture brings people closer together and binds us more closely to the planet we share."

The cover piece is a mixed media oil painting, depicting jellyfish swimming beneath the surface of the water with a vibrant sky above. Her concentration on earth, air, water and fire are informed by her lifelong passion for nature. From an early age, she became fascinated with color and light, thanks to three decades in the Colorado Rockies and Four Corner’s region, where she earned her BFA. She also spent many years living in and exploring California’s coast, which fueled her passion for the undersea world.

Ransom adds, “I love the feeling of being in the middle of a place; yet the feeling of being such a small part, makes it all the more wondrous. We belong to the elements-- earth grounds and holds us, water provides and heals us, air revives and sustains and fire fuels and humbles us. It’s an honor for me to be selected as the Fall 2022 Arts Walk Artist; my colleagues at Splash Gallery have helped me feel like Olympia, is truly home.”

Visit the original cover art during the month of October at Splash Gallery located at 501 NW Columbia St in Olympia, as well as an impressive array of art from all Splash Gallery members. On Saturday October 8, we will be hosting a reception from 3-6pm.


Located on the boardwalk at the scenic Olympia Marina, the iconic co-op gallery is a one-of-a-kind art experience in the heartbeat of South Puget Sound. Splash offers a vibrant selection of local fine art including oils and acrylics, watercolor, jewelry, fused glass, ceramics, photography, mosaics, wire sculpture, textile art and more. Splash Gallery of Olympia is a cooperative art gallery established in 2011 to promote artistic expression in the community through exhibitions and contributions to local groups in support of the arts. In 2017, Splash Gallery of Olympia was voted #1 Art Gallery in this year's "Best of Western Washington" contest, hosted by King5. They were in excellent company, with other top-notch galleries across Western Washington. In 2019, the gallery was voted Best of South Sound by The Olympian. Located at 501 Columbia Street, Suite C, Olympia, WA. For more information contact us at or visit


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