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Connie McGuire - Woodcarver

“I love birds of all sizes, shapes and colors so when it comes time to start a new carving the choices that spur a subject are unlimited. After the subject is chosen, the materials and tools available factor into the sculpture. Things like types and sizes of woods is just a start. Then there’s the base and accessories needed. Do I have the skill? Is it something I can learn or get Husband to lend his hand?

All carvings start with a wood block, the pattern is applied for trimming the block to less of block and more of a bird. From there it’s not just a physical challenge of getting the angles and curves correct, it becomes a mental challenge to not give in to doubt and confusion! I find it wise to back out, think about it, look at more references and revisit later.

Most of the work is done with power carving tools and bits. Called to action are a plethora of sanders, drills, chisels, hand tools of all sorts, soldering irons and on. Everything is then sealed or otherwise treated to accept paint. One bird could take from 4 to 14 different colors. I usually use acrylic paint and seal the finished product with acrylic spray.

My goal is to continually grow and improve this process. I find great peace in being in the “zone” and if I can bring a creature to be admired from a block of wood then, I have succeeded.


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