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What's it like to be a member of Splash?

We asked our artists to share what it means to them to be a Splash Artist - their favorite memory, favorite things, and what it’s like to be part of the Splash community. Here's what they had to say:

Ruth Greening, Jeweler

We have been asked to give our thoughts about being an artist at Splash Gallery Olympia. I have never been involved with such a diverse, talented and supportive community of people as the artists at Splash. It is an honor and privilege to be named as one of them. The quality of their work inspires and challenges me to get better. In the 4 years I have been at Splash I feel I have grown as an artist and fell inspired to continue to grow and learn all I can.

My favorite thing about the amazing artists at Splash is that we are supportive true cooperative. We care for each other and encourage and help each other. I believe our amazing community feels and appreciates this. We wouldn’t be working on 10 years without the support and love we get from our long time customers and our new customers. We owe them our best and I truly feel we give it happily.

Laurel Henn, Printmaker

Being a Splash artist means having a beautiful brick and mortar that I can rely on. Instead of stressing about doing art & craft shows all year long, I know my work is being shown to the public no matter if I’m there or not. My favorite part of Splash is meeting all the people who come to visit. We get travelers from all over the world, and we have locals that love to stop in and catch up. The variety of people and the experiences they bring make each day at wonderful experience. What is your favorite Memory/Moment at Splash?

One of my favorite memories of Splash is when one of our artist made the cover of Arts Walk. We were all so proud of her and ecstatic for her. We pulled together and threw a wonderful celebration to make the event special for her. It was a wonderful time for everyone! What do you enjoy about the splash community? I enjoy everything about the community of Splash artist, it is nothing short of a wonderful gift. We inspire, and lift each other up. I love bouncing ideas around with my fellow artists. Together we come up with fantastic ideas and work together to make them reality.

Judy Cook, Textiles “We have a lot of fun! Harbor days has always been the best weekend of the year. My favorite memory is watching a group of daycare kids dressed up as pirates on the boardwalk. They were so excited by our pirate themed window their eyes were as big as saucers.”

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