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Sue Marshall - Acrylic
A passion for sketching and drawing has followed me from a graphic design career to life as forward thinking photographer and painter.

My artistic journey breathes in and out with the fluid experience of color on canvas. Experiencing the flow of color from a brush proved exhilarating to the point of no return! Sue M Marshall Art materialized… moving quickly into an artistic career influenced by my love affair with vibrant color depicting memories of the past and present.
Buffie Finkle - Art Quilts
Art is my meditation and spiritual practice. I've painted most of my life. These days, I find that I thrive on puzzling together colors, textures and patterns to define a face or a space using fabric and thread.
Connie McGuire - Carving, Ink
Using birds and animals as representatives of nature, Connie’s work explores our relationship to the natural world. Each piece starts with a block or chunk of soft wood. Then the pattern is drawn onto the wood, giving a direction for the knife to go to work. When it gets close to final form, the sandpapers come out followed by the woodburner. Then the tools give way to the paintbrush.
Wendy Trevorrow - Felted Fiber
Inspired by the healing beauty of nature, the magical quality of the elemental world, and childlike wonder, my felt creations are sculpted from soft wool using wet and needle felting techniques.
Maureen Hogan - Sculpting
Maureen has an unconventional love for clay. In her home studio in Olympia, she creates animals and forms that express human emotion. Her pieces are quirky, unique, and one-of-a-kind.
Ruth Greening - Metal Jewelery
Ruth was initially introduced to Precious Metal Clay in 2001, the intrigue of the new craft was instant as Ruth fell in love with the beauty and flexibility of this versatile silver medium.
Laura Harmon - Pottery
I feel so lucky to be able to make my creations and hope that they bring to you some of the joy I have had in making them.
Laurel Henn - Printmaker
I’m a native Olympian who loves the process of creating art, it is cleansing to the soul. I have played with many mediums extensively, but I always return to Printmaking like it’s a long lost friend.
Niki Bilodeau - Etching & Engraving
I love functional art.

Etching came into my life several years ago, as a way to personalize wedding gifts for some friends. Since then, I've etched just about every jar, bottle, vase, cup, & pitcher that's come my way.

My hope is that every piece I etch finds a loving home, where it will bring a smile to faces as it is used each day. If my work can bring some whimsy & beauty to a person's life, it's doing its job, & so am I.
Rebecca Carter - Mixed Media
Rebecca enjoys
abstract and lots of color. She lets the paint/canvas take her where it wants to go before she decides what it will become. It could take hours, it could take months.
Shirley Stirling - Watercolor
I love any sort of art and want to do everything! Unfortunately, life is too short! I now am working with traditional oils in a 'green' sort of way with walnut oil and no turps. I balance that with water media: line & wash watercolors (with a sharpened match stuck in a length of bamboo as my crude ink pen).
Loralin Tonney - Porcelain
Living in the woods of Tenino, Wa, Loralin sculpts mythical figurines in porcelain. Wrapped in scenes made of wood, metal, minerals and stones these creatures suggest our connections with nature and ourselves.
Kevin Wickersham - Photography
Judy Cook - Silk
When the sun shines in the Pacific Northwest we have a shimmering quality of light reflecting off of the water that takes my breath away. I try to capture this essence in my scarves. I create bright colorful hand painted silk scarves and warm lightweight nuno felted scarves.
Janet Schrader - Fused Glass
I started using glass as my artistic medium in 1979 when I took a class on how to make stained glass panels. It quickly became my passion. I began fusing glass in a kiln around 1988, making mainly jewelry. I found that fusing glass gave me more freedom to create and experiment with all the ideas that I had floating around in my head. Experimenting and trying new things is the most exciting part of my work.
Nancy Broach - Watercolor
I have an art education degree and have taught in classrooms and in outdoor education. I find great joy in helping others find their artist's eye and deepening their awareness of the natural world. I discovered a love for watercolor painting in the Costa Rica cloud forest during a summer break from my teaching back in 1983. I loved sitting and painting while absorbed in natural beauty.
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