Wendy Trevorrow

Felted Fiber

Inspired by the healing qualities of nature, the magnificently diverse and stunning beauty of the animal kingdom and the magical presence of the elemental world, my felt creations are sculpted from fiber using primarily a needle felting technique.


A self-taught textile artist, I've always had a passion for finding the possibilities that lie within raw natural materials. Though my creative journey has led me to explore many natural fibers in various forms of expression, I have found myself completely taken by the warm, durable, sustainable, and transformational qualities of wool.


I believe the whimsical nature of my art can be attributed to 40 years of working with young children whose gifts of imagination and wide-eyed wonder continue to affirm that nothing is only what it seems and everything bears within it the possibility of becoming anything.


What I love most about this art is how the form and personality of each animal, fairy, flower, and tree arise out of a soft tuft of shapeless wool in a way that breathes life into each one, drawing forth a unique relationship with every creation.


Website/Etsy: I'm in the process of trying to develop a new website....yikes! In the meantime, please know that this website is out of date, but will be getting some love soon! :)  www.WoodSongFelts.weebly.com


Facebook: WoodSong Felts by Wedy Trevorrow

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