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Pacific NorthBest - Student Art Show

2022 student art show.png

Open to all
OSD High School Students!

Splash Gallery presents our second annual student art show. The theme of this exhibition is Pacific North Best playing off the theme of why people love living in the region. Inspiration can come from nature, history, the people or other related aspects of living here. Students are encouraged to express innovation and creativity through artwork that conveys a meaningful message or feeling.


Prizes: Awarded to the top three winners from a juried panel of Splash Co-op members.


Requirements: Artwork in any 2-D or 3-D medium. 2-D must be, framable medium- photography, painting, collage, printmaking etc. artwork dimension must be 8.5” x 11”.

3-D mediums must be no bigger than one cubic foot. All entries must be submitted online with quality photos by high school students residing in the Olympia School District area.


Deadline: Submissions must be made no later than

Updated:  Deadline extended to Jan. 13, 2023


Where: Artwork selected will be shown at Splash Gallery from

Feb 10- Feb 28, 2023. Winning images will be featured online at 24/7 and in the gallery, Tuesday - Sunday from 11am-6 pm.

Click for

  • Please fill out all fields on application.

  • Read and check all boxes at bottom of application before signing.

  • Email application and digital copy of entry artwork to with subject heading Student Art Competition 2023.

  • One piece of art per applicant, one applicant per student.

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