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"Light Through the Trees" by Buffie Finkel

I love paths. I love roads that tease us with “what is around that bend?” I have played with various fabrics and color schemes to tantalize and invite inquiry, as well as stir the imagination. These smaller works are popular images, and I’ve enjoyed trying different techniques to create them.

My work till this point has largely been opaque, as I sew several layers of material and batting together, place the raw edge applique over this, add paint and or thread paint as the final layer. Carefully juxtaposing darks and lights allows for the effect of glowing sky, or foliage, and of course, photo-realism is not always my goal, simply my inspiration.

It wasn’t until I took this picture that I found the need to explore a new technique, and conveniently, a workshop I had recently attended gave me the tools. I wanted to allow the luminescent sunshine to figure strongly, and actually glow. In the workshop I had been introduced to working with organza, a sheer silk based fabric, and other “organza-like” materials, which are translucent rather than opaque. I then found appropriate used curtains in local thrift shops, as well as lovely sheer blouses of various colors.

Through trial and error I learned to layer my sheers, to create shadows, to imply branches and to allow light to flow through the image.

The final challenge was to decide how to display a piece which has “two faces” to it! I’ve had this hanging in a window, and on the wall. Since the intention was to feature the translucence of the piece, I created a simple light box with a battery operated light inside. The Art quilt hangs in front of the box, and the light shines gently through.

View Unveiling pieces at the online Splash store.

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