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"Blue Me Away" by Eunice King

One sunny and not-so-cold day in January, I took a walk to the beach. The scenery at the South tip of Puget Sound is so awesomely inspiring. As an Artist, it is both overwhelming and wonderful to see the colors and textures and all the living beauty of our local nature. This day, Mount Rainier was out and dressed in Winter White. The waves lapping in did not need to be tried, you could tell the water was frigidly cold. A lone Blue Heron was out hunting. Nothing bothered him – he was focused and intent on his next meal. I couldn’t wait to capture this experience in an art piece as it truly blew me away to see it all.

As a Torn Paper Artist, I repurpose paper that comes in the mail – ads, catalogs, magazines and the like. This art piece is larger than my usual so I had to tear more paper than ever to create the image. Layers of paper emulate paint strokes. This artwork is composed of hundreds of pieces of paper. The final touch is a coat of matte varnish to seal the colors.

I present one of the Pacific Northwest favorites – the Blue Heron who’s graceful moves and keen hunting…

“Blue Me Away”

Eunice King

View unveiling pieces at the online Splash store.

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