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Meet the Artist - Janet Schrader

In this installment of "Meet the Artist," we're taking a look at founding member, Janet Scrader!

Janet’s imagination lights up the gallery with her amazing art glass collections of colorful jellyfish, frogs, jewelry, glass dishes, rocks and coral reefs.

“With fused glass I can make anything."

Janet’s creative journey of almost 40 years has taken her from stained glass to fused glass, from the U.S. to Italy and to Australia.

“I started working with stained glass in 1979. In 1988 I discovered fused glass and fell in love with dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is made by a process that allows the glass to transmit and reflect light at the same time. Giving the artwork a vibrant light that makes the glass look like it is glowing from the inside. “

Janet has studied glass making in the United States, and twice in Italy with an Art Glass Master. She has won many international Art Glass awards . Janet is the author of 14 books on her Art Glass techniques. She has taught her method in the United States and in Australia.

If you are interested in studying art glass with Janet she teaches in her studio in Boston Harbor.

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