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Fabulous February - Splash News

What's all the buzz about?

If you have been by Splash in the last few weeks, you may have noticed the cute bees buzzing around in our window. While it may seem out of season, we have our reasons... Specifically: a special Valentines event, where you’re invited to “BEE our Valentine!” (See what we did there?)

We’ll have a Valentine card making party, accompanied by delicious chocolate samplings from Honey Love Chocolates! Join us Saturday, February 10th, from 12-3:00. You can make a card for that special someone while you enjoy sampling yummy chocolates (and - of course - our wonderful art).

(And don't forget - you can always check out other upcoming events by visiting our website or following our Facebook page! There's lots of fun planned for the coming months - so swing by and say hello!)

Splash Artists at Hands on Children’s Museum

Splash Gallery Artists have teamed up with the Hands on Children’s Museum, with the common goal of sharing local art with people of all ages. Currently on display: textile artist Judy Cook is showing story art inspired by memories of childhood. Judy creates colorful, whimsical images of family stories on silk. Enjoy memories of climbing trees, riding a pretend trick pony in a parade, and simple pleasures of summer afternoons. Be sure to check it out!

Ask the Artist

Just for a fun, we have a new feature in Splash News, called "Ask the Artist," where we'll share random insights and tidbits from the fabulous artists that make Splash Gallery so great! In honor of Valentines day, this month’s question is: “Who was your first celebrity crush?”

The answers were a hoot, so we've shared a few of them below! (C'mon, you know you've got some funny celebrity crushes in your past, too...)

1) Laura - Ceramics - "My first celebrity crush was "Dr. Kildare" on the TV series from 1961-1966."

2) Sue - Acrylics - "My first celebrity crush was John Denver ...I was into his simple folk-type music at a young age, which was easy to play on guitar, and easy to sing with my friends at our jam session."

3) Darcy - Oil - "My first celebrity crush was JTT!!! Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Voice of little Simba on the Lion King and the middle kid on Home Improvement."

4) Ruth - Jewelry - "Wow, a cowboy series Lash Larue. He used a bull whip not a gun... and if anyone remembers that series I will be shocked!"

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