Niki Bilodeau

Etching & Engraving

Hello, my name is Niki, and I have been creating art - in one form or another - for as long as I can remember. I'm the proud owner of my small business - Colibri Arts - where I specialize in etching and engraving. I believe that art should be a part of our everyday lives, so my goal is always to create artwork that is beautiful, fun, and functional.

Glass etching came into my life over a decade ago, as a way to personalize wedding gifts for some friends. Since then, I've etched just about every jar, bottle, vase, cup, and pitcher that's come my way. Recently, I've been working with other materials, and having a blast!

I create all of my own artwork images - so each piece is truly original. I draw much of my inspiration from nature (most often the Pacific Northwest), and am always finding new and surprising ideas. From tiny leaves, to majestic mountains, there is beauty everywhere.

My hope is that every piece I create finds a loving home, where it will bring a smile to faces as it is used each day. If my art can bring some whimsy and beauty to a person's life, it's doing its job, and so am I. :)


Phone: (360) 731-9243

Facebook: @colibriartswa

Instagram: @colibriartswa


Stemless Wine Glasses
Stemless Wine Glasses

Etched w/Original Artwork

Art in Action
Art in Action

Peacock Feather In Progress

Wood Puzzle Boxes
Wood Puzzle Boxes

With Original Artwork