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Loralin Toney


As a ceramics artist at splash I continually evolve my work into new areas of exploration. Currently I work in porcelain, china paints, wood and copper. I am inspired to create small detailed figures with mythical themes.


Living in the woods is a great way to bring nature and the mysterious into my artwork. Sometimes I imagine (and see) fairies frolicking in the field by the house and deerfolk coming into the garden. Living a second childhood, I feel enlivened to make new and universal pieces that will entrance others as they have myself.


I use three kilns for my work and two studios. Each new piece can take up to 6 firings and hours of focused work to finish the details. China painting is a new craft for me and has opened up the way the figures express themselves. Its a seldom used artform anymore but rich in potential. Enjoy!

Website/Etsy: www.loralin.com

View a video about Loralin's process, made for Olympia Artswalk: click here