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Katie Harmon

Ink & Watercolor
Splash Gallery Member since 2021

Artist Statement:  I love capturing movement & grace - a moment in time just before it becomes something new.  It’s a challenge to interpret form & texture into the stark contrasts of black & white, then reimagine it into the brilliant hues of watercolor.

I believe a piece of art is only great if it connects with you on an emotional level.  My goal is to find a moment that moves you emotionally.  A moment that captures your glance and gives you pause to enjoy that moment of beauty with me.

Katie Harmon Bio: Katie Harmon has been a professional artist for five years, and participates in a daily drawing challenge.  Each day she posts a new illustration to social media, sharing her progress on new pieces, small studies or concept sketches.  Although she loves to dabble in new mediums, her favorite mediums to work with are watercolor and ink.  You can see that combination on many of her illustrations.  She enjoys painting and sketching a wide variety of subject matter, but her favorites are fantasy, space themes and animals. You can follow along with Katie’s artistic journey on Instagram ( and Facebook (

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