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James Watts

Splash Gallery Member since 2023

I was born and raised in Sheffield in the north of England. 

As a young lad my first camera was a point and shoot Kodak Disc 3500 (circa 1982) which was remarkable for its easy drop in film cartridge and utterly dreadful quality photos. The quality of the photographs and ability of the photographer were very much on a par with each other, but it mattered not at all; I was hooked.

I began my photography in the Yorkshire moors and after much roaming I found myself in the Pacific Northwest.

The weather in both locations is similar. Glorious and sunny, wet, and cold, windy, and misty. Often in the same 24-hours.

Despite this you will find me as often as time permits taking my camera for walks and doing my very best to capture the natural splendor with which I am so blessed to be surrounded.



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