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Donna Taylor Mayo

Glass Sculptor
Splash Gallery Member since 2022

Kiln formed glass is what captured her imagination coupled with the desire to bring something fresh to glass lovers- herself included. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to dabble in pen & ink, photography, calligraphy, jewelry & sculpture. It is the last one of those creative mediums that is giving her present endeavor in the art world some of its true uniqueness. Each piece of glass art begins as a clay sculpture.


Initially surrounded by the tropics and now residing in the Pacific Northwest, most of her inspiration comes from what she has enjoyed outdoors. The imagery is taken directly from natural discoveries while others bear a more contemporary symbolic style as a nod to her graphic design background.


As an artist attempting to have minimal impact on the environment, her studio is dedicated to using materials as each friendly as possible. Much of the glass used in the artwork is scrap collected from local window companies that could otherwise end up in landfills.

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