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Dennis Powers

Splash Gallery Member since 2021

My first experience in Woodworking/Woodturning was in High School woodshop class. I was fascinated with how wood could be shaped and turned into another object all together. After high school, the Army and College I dabbled a bit part time with hand tools but with my growing career, I just didn’t seem to have time to devote to woodworking.  Much later I began to slowly assemble woodworking tools and began building my skill. At that time, I was mostly focused on flat work such as furniture, cabinets, and jewelry boxes. This work mostly ended up as gifts for my family and friends. After retiring in 2014, I began in earnest to learn Woodturning. I joined the Woodturners of Olympia turning club and with the help of many of the members of that club I am finally to a place that my turning skills are much better.


I guess I would call myself more of a craftsman than an artist. While I do like creating utilitarian/functional items, I also like creating more decorative work. I strive with every piece to turn my craft into a little art. I get my inspiration from classic forms and love letting the wood kind of “tell” me where to go with each piece.

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